Multicam recording / live events

Multicam video recording is a real-time camera recording, capturing a public event using three or more cameras, so the final result will be a master opening scene or aerial shot by a drone ( only in an open-air environment and if it’s allowed ) then a mix between close up shots from two other zoom-lens cameras. Besides that, you can add texts, titles, and a lower title bar later in the post production. Sound can be recorded on the field by using professional microphones or directly from the output of the audio mixer. 

Starting from € 750

Film Interviews and short documentaries

Film Interviews and short documentaries that would be a couple of minutes long with a storytelling structure. We provide a high-quality voice recording in a studio, a steady cam, gimbal, or a static tripod shot.

Starting from € 450

Music videos

Music and promo videos: we can produce a 3-4 minutes music video using variant kinds of cameras, Red, Sony, and canon.

Starting from € 350

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Multicam video recording

Film Interviews and short documentaries

Music videos

Estimated time frame:

Initial preproduction will usually

take around a week with a further week for feedback & scheduling. We aim to have a first draft edit within a week of your shoot then expect a further week for feedback and revisions. 

When you book your film we will lock in estimated

expenses and edit revisions to ensure we do not go over your budget. We can often work to last-minute deadlines. 

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