Film Production

Ayman Sandok


A real time camera recording, capturing a public event with three or more cameras, so in the final result will be a master opening scene or aerial-shot by a drone ( only in an open-air environment and if it’s allowed ) then a mix between close up shots from two other zoom-lens cameras . Besides that you can add texts, titles, a lower title bar . Sound can be recorded on filed or recorded directly from the output of the audio mixer.


Film Interviews and short documentaries that would be a couple of minutes long with a storytelling structure. We provide a high-quality voice recording in a studio, a steady cam, gimbal, or a static tripod shot.

We produce multi-cam music video using variant kinds of cameras, Red, Sony, and canon.

About me :

Hey there! I'm Ayman Sandok, a filmmaker based in Den Haag, the city of diversity and peace.

With a love for folk music that goes way back. I studied filmmaking here, and after graduating, I dove into video production, specializing in capturing live concerts.

But let me take you back to where it all began – my childhood in Damascus. Picture this: growing up in a city where the soothing notes of a violin often mingled with the calls from nearby mosques or Sufi chanting. Those early sounds ignited my passion for music and laid the foundation for my journey into filmmaking.

Lastly one of my work was nominated for the Hague Film Awards 2022 in the category ' Chronicles of War’ with the entrée : ‘The whale and the resurrection’

Now, with my lens as my storyteller, I've spent the last five years filming concerts all over the Netherlands. Each shot is like a brushstroke, carefully painting the unique story when filming a piece of music . Join me in celebrating the magic of live music and the memories that echo through every frame.

My Film Production

I will produce films that are scripted ( with my professional team advice ) by you and or consist of interviews/testimonials and interesting shots coordinated by you. 


I’m cost-effective as I price by day rate not the number of films so if it would help your strategy I could produce a series of films rather than just a single film.


Whether you’re curious about features, a free trial, or even press, we’re here to answer any questions.